Malit Community Learning (MCL) is a Liverpool-based organisation that

has grown out of the successful educational company Malit Limited. 

Founded in 2018, MCL aims to make a positive difference within

communities through courses, projects and drama.


In January 2019 Malit in the Community Drama began offering a range a courses and

experiences for young people.


In March 2019 we set up the social enterprise, Malit in the Community CIC.

Who we are

Malit Community Learning and Malit in the Community CIC is a collaboration between Andy Griffith, Paul Kincade, Anna Griffith, and Megan Peet.

Andy is an award-winning educational trainer, consultant and author.

Paul is an award-winning community champion and arts specialist. 


Anna Griffith and Megan Peet lead the Drama section of Malit in the Community.

Lee Kent is a graphic designer and photographer who has designed our website,

logo and social media profiles. 

Joe Griffith of Big Light Productions, supports us with content development.

Malit Community Learning © 2018

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